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This is a wonderful book, first of its kind in Malayalam, comprehensively delts with the Hindu way of methods to obtain a blissful baby which described in our ancient scriptures.

Rituals during pregnancy
Pregnancy is the perfect period in which a woman can do a lot to obtain a blissful and fortunate baby. Faithful chanting of some stotras and slokas tremendously helps to ward of evil forces which may affect pregnancy badly. The pregnant woman and her husband should follow a graceful and divine lifestyle and should do some rituals which are very helpful for the birth of a blissful and healthy baby.

Santhanagopala stotra
This is rare and powerful stotra in which santhanagopala mantra is incorporated. It is believed that a pregnant lady chants this stotra with faith and devotion, her delivery will be smooth and she will obtain a blissful and fortunate baby. Moreover, delivery will occur in a fortunate time. Slokas with Malayalam translation.

Santhanagopala dhyana
This is an enchanting sloka from Vidyarnavatantra. It gives a picture of captivating child Krishna with full ornaments and jewels sitting in a golden lotus. Mother Yesoda is going to embrace him with full of divine affection. If a lady chanted this sloka continuously and meditate this form with the desire for a child she definitely get it. Slokas with Malayalam translation.

Prayer of mother Kausalya
Mother's prayer is great boon one can obtain. If one's mother prays for him wholeheartedly, it will create miracles in his life. That prayer will act as a potential remedy for troubles and tribulations of life. In ValmikiRamayana, mother Kausalya's prayer for the protection and wellbeing of Rama is very famous. When Rama departs to the forest mother Kausalya prays to Gods, planets and other supernatural forces to protect her son. Virtually, this powerful prayer acts as talisman to Rama and protects him throughout his vanavasa. Slokas with Malayalam translation.
All in one book, Mathrukalpam.
prepared by
Prof. K. Vasudevanunni, C. V. Govindan Edappal, Dr. Prasad Anchal.

Price Rs. 135/-
Details in Malayalam

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