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Devi Mahathmayam, known as DurgaSaptasathi in North India, comprises stotras in praise of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi. The very possession of this Holy book is protective and auspicious. The musical parayana of Devimahtmya was strictly prohibited in scriptures. Hearing the parayana (recital) of devimahatmya with devotion, concentration and presence of mind has immense positive results which has clearly stated in Devimahatmyam itself.

Devimahatmyam CD

Devimahatmyam CD
Slow and clear rendition to enable common man to get proper pronunciation and accent of slokas. Parayana by. Prof. K. Vasudevanunni. CD consists of Kavacha, Argala, Keelaka, 13 Chapters of Devimahatmyam and Aparadhakshmapana Mantra.

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