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Devimahatmayam, known as DurgaSaptasathi in North India, comprises stotras in praise of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi. The very possession of this Holy book is protective and auspicious.

Devimahatmyam saparya edition- salient features
The most readers' friendly edition of Devimahatmyam in Malayalam. Included most valuable and practical guidance from a guru regarding the reading of Devimahatmyam. If one follows this guidance, his reading of Devimahatmyam will be more efficacious and will get quick results.

The ultimate worship book
Reading of Devimahatmyam with devotion is the ultimate worship which destroys all evil effects and adversities in life. This is the most definite and potential panacea for all afflictions and difficulties in life.

Slokas with simple and authentic meaning.
Slokas in large letters and in four lines which will greatly help easy reading even though one is not familiar with Sanskrit. A number of practical applications and tips for specific results such as for getting wealth and prosperity, remedy for troubles from enemies, other torments etc.

Translation: S.Hariharakrishna Sharma
A scholar in Sanskrit and spiritual sciences. He was teacher in Sanskrit in Raja Serfoji College, Thanjavor and senior official in intelligence bureau, India. Have completed the commentary on Ganesha sahasranama.

Practical guidences: C.M. Krishnanunni
He was a tantrasastra expert and upasaka. Lalithopakhyana (Madhaveeyam Commentary),Sreekrishnakarnamrutham ( Sundareegopalam commentary), Ritham ParamamayaUnma are some of his books.

Chandika homa: J. DevanarayananPotti
Tantri of Ganapathy temple, Pazhavangadi and a number of temples in Kerala and Tamilnadu. An expert in Tantrasastra. Srisuktha commentary is one of his famous books.

Devimahatmyam CD (Kavacha, Argala, Keelaka ,Devimahatmyam Thirteen chapters, Aparadhakshamapana stotra)- Parayana by Prof. K. Vasudevanunni- Sanskrit and astrology expert. Have translated BhadrakaliMahatmyam into Malayalam.

Price Rs. 295/- CD will be free with the book (limited period offer!)
Details in Malayalam

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